• Propose new training tools related to Virtual Reality (VR), for workers of the food industry, through an unprecedented European cooperation.
  • Provide best practices to training centers.
  • Increase the attractiveness of the sector's professions, facilitate recruitment and boarding

Compliance with the objectives of the Erasmus+ programme: Sustainable development, digital transformation, creation of innovative, transferable and scalable pedagogical content.





Alimento groups together sectorial services for food companies, their workers, bakers and teachers. The Alimento group offers its services to more than 4,400 companies that together employ 91,000 people.


Belgian food industry

Different sub-sectors: e.g. cookie factories, breweries and soft drink producers, dairy sector or the meat processing industry.


Alimento wants to contribute to more efficient and much better quality work in the food industry through training, advice and other initiatives by strengthening:
The skills of the workers;
The growth of food companies.

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Operator of Competences (OPCO) for the Agricultural Cooperation, the Agriculture, the Fishing, the Food-processing Industry and the Territories.

OCAPIAT's ambition is to:
Support the competitiveness of companies and the economy;
Support the effort of professionalization of employees;
Develop local services in the territories;
To be a vector of efficiency in the service of branch or inter-branch policies in terms of professional training and work-study programs.

Key figures:
50 branches around the Agricultural Cooperation, Agriculture, Fishing, Agro-food Industry and the territories.

180,000 member companies and non-salaried managers (fishing and marine culture sector), 98% of which are companies with fewer than 50 employees.

More than 1.34 million employees represented, 57% of whom work in companies with fewer than 50 employees.



Austria´s  leading private food safety  service provider

Founded in 1927

  • We are committed to highest standards
  • We offer analysis
  • We provide expertise, inspections and certifications
  • We provide trainings
  • We do research and develop
  • We are an international multiplier


The National Association of Food Industries (ANIA) brings together 30 trade unions and 17 regional associations. The ANIA represents French food companies, major world leaders, ETIs and VSEs. The ANIA puts its expertise at the service of companies in order to accompany them towards an increasingly healthy, safe, sustainable and accessible food supply.

OUR COLLECTIVE AMBITION: to give value back to food.


To publicize and defend the challenges of competitiveness for companies and to promote a strategic sector, the largest industrial employer in France.
To support food companies in their efforts to make progress in the face of major societal changes.
Promote food companies and their employees who are committed every day to offering food that is increasingly healthy, safe, sustainable and accessible to all.





The digital studio dedicated to training.

Evaveo develops and produces digital content for companies, training organisations and OPCOs:

Virtual reality modules; Serious games; (Interactive) videos;360 (interactive) videos;E-learning platform;E-learning module; Mobile applications.


Example of achievements : 


   SCHEDULE  2022/2023